Terms and Conditions

  1. General provisions

1.1 All our rates are based on the current purchasing prices in Iceland. Voga Seatours reserves the right to change prices already quoted or published in the price lists without notice in the event of currency fluctuation or government taxes. Any eventual changes in rates will not be made with less than a 4 weeks’ notice before scheduled departure.

1.2 Voga Seatours does not accept liability for any loss or damage to guests’ personal belongings while using our facilities. Neither does Voga Seatours accept liability to the Contractor for any accident or injury that may occur to a client of the contractor during his stay in Voga Seatour’s facilities.

  1. Individuals Reservations

2.1 Vouchers/online vouchers are welcome, where guests show up with a voucher with detail information about services to be provided. Bookings go through info@vogaseatours.com.

  1. Payments

3.1 The client is obligated to pay contracted rates for service provided used no later than 30 days after invoicing. This shall also apply to services and outlays to third parties caused by the client

3.2 Where payments are done in other currency than the contract rate applies to, any exchange rate difference, bank charges and other fees shall be borne by the contractor without any additional charges for Voga Seatours.

  1. Cancellation, Termination and Jurisdiction

4.1 Cancellations of booking must reach Voga Seatours 24 hours prior to scheduled departure for full refund. If cancels later there is no refund provided.

4.2 Cancellations of group booking must reach Voga Seatours 48 hours prior to scheduled departure. If a group cancels later Voga Seatours will charge a 50% cancellation fee of booked service.

4.3 Voga Seatours may cancel bookings and terminate this agreement without notice if contractor does not fulfill its obligations.

4.4 The parties understand and agree that the laws of Iceland will be applied in interpretation of this Agreement.

  1. Northern Lights Tour Disclaimer

5.1 These tours are subject to correct weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed with natural phenomenon such as these.

5.2 We reserve the right to cancel the tour due to unfavorable weather conditions.

5.3 If the tour does not operate at all during the customers stay and he/she cannot go on a tour, a full refund is given.

5.4 If a customer joins the tour and there are no sightings of the northern lights, the ticket number/booking number is valid for another northern lights tours with us for two years; This ticket number/booking can only be used by the original ticket holder and cannot be distributed to another person for their use.

  1. Whale Watching Tour Disclaimer

6.1 These tours are subject to the correct weather conditions and sightings of whales cannot be guaranteed since they are wild creatures of nature.

6.2 We reserve the right to cancel the tour due to unfavorable weather conditions.

6.3 If the Whale watching tour is cancelled due to bad weather a customer can either reschedule. If the tour does not operate at all during the customers stay and he/she cannot get on the boat, they will get a refund.

6.4 If a customer joins the tour but there are no whale or dolphin sightings, their ticket number/booking number is valid for another whale watching tours in the next two years ; This ticket number/booking number can only be used by the original ticket holder and cannot be distributed to another person for their use.

  1. Vessel and crew

7.1 Our vessel ‘’Særós’’ has a length of 14,94mt and a gross registered tonnage (GRT) of 44 metric tonnes

7.2 The vessel is equipped with one outdoor viewing platform and indoor saloon with 1 restroom and a cafeteria.

7.3 All crew members are trained and qualified with marine rescue operations.

  1. Safety and emergency practices

8.1 All of our crewmembers have completed and/or received instructions on the Standards of Training and Certification of Watch keeping (STCW) as determined by the international Maritime Organization (IMO).

8.2 STCW focuses on basic safety skills and knowledge in order to provide framework for safe working practices, emergency procedures and teamwork within the maritime environment.

8.3 These skills include:

8.3.1 Fire prevention and firefighting (basic firefighting)

8.3.2 Personal survival techniques (PST)

8.3.3 Personal safety and social responsibility (PSSR)

8.3.4 First aid/CPR (basic first aid)

8.4 Assembly stations:

8.4.1 Assembly stations are the locations where passengers must gather in an emergency or when the order has been given to go to the assembly stations

8.4.2 These are situated on the upper deck close to the rescue stations.

8.4.3 When the alarms signal sounds (7 short and 1 long tone) or the crew gives the order, passengers must immediately go to the nearest assembly station, there the ship’s crew will inform you of the situation that has risen and how to proceed.

8.5 Emergency exit:

8.5.1 The emergency exits are marked with <> signs and lead to rescue stations.

8.5.2 Note the locations of emergency signs wherever you are on board.

8.6 Lifejackets:

8.6.1 Lifejackets are placed in boxes or lockers marked <> at or near the rescue stations.

8.6.2 The lifejackets are put on when you are ordered to do so and the ship’s crew will assist you.

8.6.3 Lifejackets for children are also available and will be handed out by the crew if needed.

8.7 Rescue station:

8.7.1 In an emergency the ship’s crew will lead the passengers to the rescue stations where lifeboats, life rafts etc. are situated.

8.7.2 The officer in charge will lead the operation at the rescue stations

8.7.3 Nobody is allowed to enter the lifeboats; life rafts etc. until the order to board the rescue crafts/abandon ship has been given.

8.8 Lifeboats/Life rafts

8.8.1 Lifeboats and life rafts are located on the boat deck.

8.8.2 The capacity of the lifeboats and life rafts on board is 25% more than the total number of persons allowed on board.

8.8.3 They will almost open automatically in case of an emergency.

8.9 Extras

8.9.1 Life rings are to be found all around the side of the boat hanging on its outer walls.

8.9.2 There is also a life line on board used to throw out to a person if someone falls over board.

8.9.3 6 fire extinguishers are distributed around the boat, most are to be found in the main area inside the coffeehouse, the wheelhouse.

  1. Access

9.1 We unfortunately cannot offer wheel chair access at the moment.

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