Northern Lights

10.900 ISK/person
1.5 - 2 Hours 12 People

Thrills for the Adventurous

This tour, hunting the northern ligts will give you an amazing experience. On the sailing you can have comfortable in our inside cosy and warm area.

Our inside area has cafeteria and a toilet. We have a good viewing upper deck to enjoy the dancing northern lights when we see them. You‘ll have unforgettable and an amazing experience on this cruise.

The trip takes about two hours. Dress warmly

Stunning Scenery

Enjoy sailing Faxaflói as you take in breathtaking sceneries.

Enjoy Nature

If the weather doesn´t play nicely, we´ll book you for the next available day.

Indoor area

Our boat offers a cozy indoor area with cafeteria and lavatory.


You are in secure hands with us, we have several years of experience.


This tour , hunting the northen ligts will give you amazing experience. On the sailing you can have comforteble in our inside cosy and warm area.


Please show up at least 30 min before the scheduled trip.


We sail out into the darkness

Northern Lights

When we have arrived at our destination, we will enjoy the nature and the dancing Northern lights.

Going back

After 1.5 – 2 hours of awesome tour and hopefully a bucket loads of fantastic memories, we head home.

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September 2019
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Come and join the thrill and excitement of Northern lights!

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